Funding bucket list wishes for local patients.

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There are several was you can help wishes come true for local patients.

We are never more aware of how much every single moment matters than we are when illness begins to limit our time or ability to live life to its fullest. That’s the reason we started the Moments that Matter fund, a patient fund focused on honoring patients by granting “bucket list wishes.”

Often times, medical needs and expenses can become so great that the desire for other experiences is not always the top priority. Moments that Matter seeks to change that by talking to patients and families about experiences they would like to share before illness progresses to a point when that may no longer be possible. Any patient with a life-limiting, terminal illness may be granted a Moments that Matter wish, regardless of where they are receiving care or even if they’ve decided to forgo active treatment to focus on comfort and quality of life.

As we’ve launched this effort we’ve found that these bucket list wishes are often centered on simple times with family and friends. We’ve gone to a fish fry and on a trolley ride and watched the wind blow through the hair of a patient as she rode in a classic car through the country. We’ve even tracked down an old record so a married couple of 65 years could dance again in each other’s arms. One patient wished of a pontoon boat ride with close friends and for another, an afternoon at the symphony was granted. We’ve seen the joy on one’s face as she held a beagle dog and for one patient in the late stages of dementia, a bucket list wish to be taken back to memories of motherhood, so we arranged for a baby girl to pay her a visit. We’ve sent patients to see the ocean and made one patient’s dream of seeing in color, after a lifetime of colorblindness, come true.

All wish recipients are offered a skilled photographer to capture these moments as a timeless keepsake to honor the legacy of the patient. Patients can have the photographer come alongside as they cross off one of the items on their bucket list or even simply to capture the beautiful, every day, seemingly mundane moments of day-to-day life; pictures that many people don’t think to capture but wish they had.

Our goal is to grant as many of these wishes as possible for patients, without limits, to make every moment as individualized and perfect as possible.

As Moments that Matter are created and fulfilled, we hope to witness a ripple effect as the impact spreads from the patient to the family and to everyone who helped make the wishes a reality. Please join us on this journey as we create memories and allow terminally ill patients to focus on living and celebrating a life lived to its fullest!