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Often, the moments that matter most are the small ones – the ones spent with family and friends, taking in the simple joys of life.

Since launching Moments That Matter in 2018, we found that the real purpose of a moment granted was not only the experience itself, but also the memories created. Memories like family gathered for a fish fry, a trip on a trolley through town, and the wind through the hair of a patient while enjoying a ride in a classic car through the country. We’ve seen the joy on one’s face as she held a beagle dog. For one patient in the late stages of dementia, a wish to be taken back to memories of motherhood, so we arranged for a baby girl to pay her a visit. We’ve sent patients to see the ocean and made one patient’s dream of seeing in color, after a lifetime of colorblindness, come true.

All moments are attended by a skilled photographer who captures the special time and beautiful memories. In addition, each Moments That Matter recipient is offered the opportunity to receive a life storytelling book, as a timeless keepsake to honor their legacy.

With Moments that Matter, we hope to create a ripple effect by not only touching the individuals and families who are granted moments through our fund, but have the inspiration flow through to all those in our community. We hope you remember to enjoy the moments, the simple ones that are often overlooked, but bring you the most joy.