Our Mission

to fully coordinate and fund wishes for patients receiving care and/or treatment by a Quincy Medical Group provider or any patient in the Quincy Medical Group’s geographic service area who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Our Story

Moments That Matter came to life in the Quincy area in 2018 as part of the UnityPoint Hospice Program, focused on honoring patients by granting “bucket list wishes.”

The Moments that Matter fund had a vision to raise funds and awareness for hospice as a service to the community. Our mission was to use all funds raised to fulfill bucket list wishes.

Often times, hospice care is focused on the medical needs of the patients so the desire for other experiences is not always the top priority. Moments that Matter changed that by talking to patients and families about experiences they would like to share before illness progressed to a point when that may no longer be possible.

As Moments that Matter wishes were created and fulfilled, 32 to be exact, we witnessed a ripple effect as the impact spread from the patient to the family and everyone who helped make it a reality. So incredibly humbled by the community support and generosity, it was apparent that there were so many other patients that deserved to have wishes granted but did not qualify under the original mission.

Because of enormous support and growth for the fund, the Quincy Medical Group Foundation began managing the program in 2019. All funds were transitioned to the QMG Foundation and will be used as intended by our generous donors. Wishes are now available to those patients beyond hospice qualification.