To qualify, patients must be receiving care and/or treatment by a Quincy Medical Group provider or any patient in the Quincy Medical Group’s geographic service area, a 75 mile radius from Quincy, IL. Patient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Patient must be under supervision of a health care provider or examination may be required to determine and evaluate serious health condition. In addition, patient must not have received a wish fulfillment from any other organization.

Nomination forms may be submitted by medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, social workers; family members with detailed knowledge of the patient’s medical condition; or the patient themselves.

Moments that Matter wishes are facilitated by the QMG Foundation team. The Moments that Matter nominations committee will review each nomination to counsel on wish details and resources needed.

The team will work with the treating physician to determine the patient’s eligibility for a wish. The physician plays a major role in determining whether the condition will permit a particular wish to be coordinated safely and to determine the most appropriate time to grant the wish, keeping in mind treatment protocol or other concerns.

The team will also talk to the patient and family about experiences they would like to share to determine wish details. The immediate family is included in the wish fulfillment so that the patient and family can share in the experience and create memories together.

Because of the timing of some nominations and the desire to still honor the lives of all nominees in some way, we added the Legacy Wish option, honoring one’s legacy after they have passed. This option does not apply to any previous wish nominees or to those who have already passed (nomination after passing).

Recipients are encouraged to share their story and wish photography. All wishes will be shared on the Moments that Matter website for community supporters to assist with wish granting. Every wish is made possible by the ongoing support of individuals in our community and committed organizations that are passionate about making a difference in the lives of those surrounding us.

Bravery Bag recipients will be coordinated with pediatric, behavior health, nursing, and oncology departments. Can also be nominated by parent or loved one with health information release.

The QMG Foundation team, Quincy Medical Group Board of Directors, or the nominations committee reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to grant or deny any nomination.

Not all wishes may not be granted. We regret we are unable to grant the following types of wish requests:

  • Payment of bills, medications, or debts
  • Cash requests
  • Automobiles or equipment
  • Hunting
  • Property and home improvements or repairs
  • Cruises or travels outside of the United States
  • Any request deemed offensive, inappropriate or inconsistent with the values of Quincy Medical Group and the Quincy Medical Group Foundation
  • Depending on the wish request, Moments that Matter may not have the necessary resources to grant the wish in its entirety. Final wish details will be in patient’s wish agreement