Who Qualifies for a Wish?

  • Any patient in the Quincy Medical Group’s geographic service area (75 mile radius around Quincy, IL).
  • Patients diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Patients must be under supervision of a health care provider or an examination may be required.
  • Patients must not have received a wish fulfillment from any other organization.

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What qualifies as a wish?

We only ask that the wish must truly be the patient’s wish. Our team is prepared to work quickly for any patient who needs a wish NOW when needed, between treatments, because the future can be uncertain. We also understand that some families don’t have the resources for things like suitcases to go on a trip, we’ve got them covered- fully coordinating and funding an entire experience

What can a patient wish for?

We never put our wishes into categories and no two wishes are ever alike! Our wish nominations committee will help create unique personalized wishes. Wishes are not one-size-fits-all.

What are Bravery Bags?

Children and young teens face some very tough situations when they have a parent diagnosed with a serious illness. The recipients of these bags are children between the ages of 3 and 18 who need bravery and courage during their loved ones diagnosis. This special bravery bag includes a blanket, journal, and stress dough.. A small gift to bring a smile and help find a sense of comfort. Coordinated with pediatrics, behavioral health, nursing, and oncology departments. Can also be nominated by parent or loved one with health information release.

Nominate Someone for a Wish