Sea Lion Experience and Busch Stadium

Wish Recipient on the field at Busch Stadium

Amazing memories were created for this patient and his family! What is most inspiring about this particular wish was the 2-hour RV breakdown that was not on our perfectly planned day. Losing power steering and literally seeing smoke from the back of the RV in route to Busch Stadium, our volunteer driver with his personal RV, took the next exit on our google map to what we hoped was a truck repair shop. It was not a truck repair shop, but luck, or what I think was God’s touch, a family owned company Creech Logistics, Inc. located in Troy, MO. Owner, Kurt, called his personal recommendation for a mechanic, who stopped cooking his morning bacon, to come immediately to do everything possible to change a belt, hose, and some other mechanical stuff I won’t pretend to know anything about. We also got to spend some quality time with recent retired owner, Mike, as he drove me across town to look into the option of renting a van from Enterprise. When the motor started up again to head on our way, Kurt looked at us and said, “Have fun, we’ve got it all taken care of”. This was even after the patient got to look at every tool on the repair truck (and pretty sure put them back out of place).

Generosity is entering into someone else’s story. It’s connecting our life story with theirs. Giving generously to someone in need or taking time to listen to someone’s concern, for that moment enables us to enter into their world and connects us together. With each wish fulfilled, we are honored to be a part of the story of our patient’s life and everyone that gives so much to make them happen. Generosity is not only about the needs of the recipients but it is also about the needs of the givers. It is about the need to build relationships and communities by entering into the stories of the people with whom we live, work, and encounter on a daily basis.

The Creech Logistics family responded with open hands and hearts. Coming together through an act of generosity instilled a friendship with this family owned company, and we are forever grateful.

As you can see from the pictures below, we made it to the Zoo and the Stadium and it was Amazing!